Andrew Grainger, CTDO Game Digital

“Rising Tyde applied a series of effective workshops and team engagements to get to the root of the customer challenge and the opportunity for the Game web experience.

From this the Rising Tyde team produced a level of thinking and design concepts that instantly elevated the website and strategy.”

Situation :

Game were looking for a step change in their website conversion strategy. The existing design and framework were starting to show limitations on conversion metrics for both the core gamer audience and their gifting audience.

Rising Tyde were tasked with unifying the thinking and approach with the entire digital and development teams to help bring a change to the way people shopped online with Game.

There were some key considerations to factor in overall project and its delivery. Firstly, Game has several product types that have seasonal variations. Publishers and key titles have specific requirements and the gaming season versus gifting seasoning can vary. Game has several key metrics they want to improve – along with services and benefits to promote, plus the internal teams all have existing individual KPI’s linked to the existing sites performance.

Therefore, it was important from the beginning to align the team around a common goal and a common understanding of the target audience and their personas.

Task :

Game needed several new navigational and experiential components that would test positively with the core audiences. Rising Tyde through the discovery and concepting phases identified 4 core deliverables to help step change the conversion metrics.


  1. Produce a design system that would perform for primary and secondary navigation experience across all device types, pages, headers & footers, content
  2. Develop an experience to improve the Student customer and appeal to their gaming needs
  3. Create a way gifters and gamers could co-exist
  4. Give the product a more connected and richer experience for all shoppers

Homepage (desktop view) before and after


Action :

Discovery: Rising Tyde conducted several workshops to help surface the thinking and solutions aligned to the customer. This empowered the team and allowed Rising Tyde to get to the heart of the brief.

Concepting: Rising Tyde positioned the design and thinking stage into several phases, allowing the team of experts to feed into and help co-create. It was important that Rising Tyde produced a more high-fidelity prototype to ensure there was no room for misconception or misinterpretation.

Testing: Rising Tyde worked closely with the Game BI team to conduct a series of tests and surveys to help validate the thinking and designs produced.

Build: Once all feedback and refinement had been factored, a further round of concepting went into the desktop versus mobile executions before any code was written.


Mobile View with Navigation


Tablet Home Page View


Tablet Product Page View


Desktop Home Page View


Desktop - Wishlist Feature


Desktop - Student Benefits Page


Desktop - Product/Game Charts Page