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Rising Tyde believes the agency model doesn’t work anymore, and is in need of a shake-up. We believe in a collective model, where we can access world class specialists for our clients, based on their needs. In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, the set formula doesn’t work anymore. Whether you're a marketer, founder or director, you need experts and hyper specialists to deliver quickly, effectively and transparently. Rising Tyde understand this and match our clients with the right professionals who understand your business and can deliver your requirements, every time. This makes us lean, quick to react and always effective.




We become part of the team, understand your dynamics, dig deep and unearth your true business challenges and potential.


Design & Testing

Design & Testing

Through human centric design, we surface concepts that challenge the status quo. Which we then test and evolve with you, through our proven user testing methodology.



Using the latest tools and technologies, we'll deliver assets that can adapt and continuously evolve as you do.  Technology changes, but we build the foundations to future proof your business.

From Startups To Industry Icons

With human-focused thinking, we'll help your business deliver compelling and effective digital journeys.

Some Of Our Recent Work

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An established firm of accountants reinvents itself with a new website.

Zeren by Chapman Tripp, automated legal technology ups the game with a new brand and marketing web platform.

Mail Manager by Arup now allows business to email, search and file on the go with new native Android and iOS apps.

Game Digital redefines how customers convert on their digital platform for all customer types.


Parenting community startup Tinto is attracting audiences and investors with a new brand and app prototype.

When coronavirus lockdown was put in place in the UK, we wanted to help educate and spread awareness of the impact

About Us

Rising Tyde uses a collective model to harness the best talent in the business. We manage and deliver your projects and business requirements using our creative community network. We match our clients with the right professionals who understand their business and deliver their requirements. This makes us lean, quick to react and always effective.

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Brands are working harder than ever in today's marketplace. Defining and describing your brand is where your business begins. It's the gateway to your future success. Our business model gives us access to a pool of exceptional specialist which means you can access the most applicable talent for your brand project.

Design / UX

Design / UX

Good design is all about balance and having a clear understanding of the human viewpoint. Your platforms have to look striking, and at the same time deliver the message. They must constantly remind the audience who you are and what you want to achieve, turning emotions into actions.

Web Development

Web Development

Just like your business, your platforms need to stand out, highlighting your strongest selling points. By embracing the latest tools and techniques, and focusing on how the end user will experience your site, we'll help you create platforms to transform your business.


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“Rising Tyde introduced a clear and effective process to help identify the
market need, prototype the solution and challenge the development
team to deliver a world leading email management solution for mobile."
Stuart Rowe
- Stuart Rowe

Mail Manager CEO

“Rising Tyde cut straight to the solution and provided a brand with both local and international flavor. A key need requirement for Zeren was to have a visual language that captured the professional standards of the master brand (Champman Tripp), but breakdown the barriers to make Zeren accessible and easy to understand”
James Fuller
- James Fuller

CEO Zeren by Chapman Tripp

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