Mail Manager by Arup


Situation :

Mail Manager by Arup is an email solution that focuses on reducing time, complexity and cost by harnessing the power of AI into any businesses email setup. You can dynamically search and retrieve from millions of emails in an instant. The Mail Manager solution is recognized as a leading solution to everyday business challenges with old, mismanaged or lost emails.

In 2019, Rising Tyde and Mail Manager realized they needed a more dynamic and mobile solution for their growing client base. Given the complexity of the system and the broad and global client base, through the discovery and testing phases it became evident that a robust native solution was needed.


Manage your entire business inbox with the Mail Manager app (avaliable on App Store and Google Play)  - reply, forward, delete, search and easily file all your emails instantly.

Customer Quote

Stuart Rowe, Mail Manager CEO

“Rising Tyde introduced a clear and effective process to help identify the market need, prototype the solution and challenge the development team to deliver a world leading email management solution for mobile. 

Introducing the design and development expertise of Appcentric, the team worked hand-and-hand with the Mail Manager sales, product and development teams to define a clear path to building out an app solution to meet the growing needs of the Mail Managers client base, also allowing Mail Manager to keep the edge on competition with a leading email solution for all businesses.”

Mail Manager by Arup / App Build

Task :

Mail Manger has grown significantly in the last couple of years and more recently has started to make a big move into the US. With this growth has come a number of new and evolving client needs and in particular a shift from laptop to mobile for email has been one of them. A number of Mail Manager’s clients are spending less and less time in the office and need key emails and documents on the go. 

Along with the Rising Tyde team, Mail Manager’s platform needed to find a position with clients that would make sense for their email needs – it become clear through the research and testing that a Mail Manager mobile solution not only needed to be an app, but something people could use as a primary email solution – therefore the task was to find a technical and customer path to delivering a highly functional app at a fraction of the cost. 

Action :

Discovery: Rising Tyde worked closely with the sales, product, development and management teams to define what was needed, what that could look like and ultimately what would really matter.

Concepting: Rising Tyde translated the business requirements into a fully functional prototype with all key features scoped and designed, this was then reviewed by all the teams within the business, allowing Rising Tyde to ensure the scope and features matched each teams needs

Testing: The prototype was refined based on the internal feedback and then handed over to the sales teams to put in front of both existing and prospect customers to get further feedback.

Build: Once all feedback and refinement had be considered, a detailed functional specification document was generated to capture the entire projects development details. From this a project plan was created and uploaded to, which was the project management tool throughout the process.


Easily file individual emails or bulk file with one action - giving your business access to important emails.


Reply, forward, delete or read emails just like your existing inbox.


Easily manage your inbox and search for previous emails from both your personal or business email inboxes.


Using Mail Managers Artificial Intelligence, file emails instantly to where they belong - making it easy for you and colleagues to access it when it matters.