Zeren by Chapman Tripp Website

Quote by James Fuller,

Zeren’s CEO


“Rising Tyde cut straight to the solution and provided a brand with both local and international flavor. A key need for Zeren was to have a visual language that captured the professional standards of the master brand (Chapman Tripp), but to break down the barriers to make Zeren accessible and easy to understand.


Leveraging the expertise of branding partners Matt & Dan complemented by the intuitive development of the Appcentric team, Rising Tyde got the full solution and needs covered efficient and effectively.


With the Zeren team based in New Zealand and Rising Tyde in UK, we were very pleased with the responsiveness and easy access to the teams throughout the process.”



Situation :


Zeren by Chapman Tripp delivers automated, legal technology services to help clients become more efficient, improve performance and manage risk. Products include a document automation service, a ‘Listed Company Compliance Service’ that automates the creation of the annual compliance calendar for NZX listed companies, and a contract lifecycle management and supplier relationship management platform, ‘Portt’.


In 2019, Rising Tyde were approached to provide Zeren the ability to broaden their awareness and connection to the NZ business community.

Task :


The Zeren team had a number of key events and opportunities that required a flexible and engaging positioning to connect with both the existing client base and capture the attention of potential new clients. After an initial review session a brief was co-created between Zeren and Rising Tyde. It was evident that a brand refresh was required to accompany the website rebuild, this was due to the limited scalability of the existing identity. Further to this the website required an easy-to-use CMS to allow the team to evolve it overtime.

Zeren's brand identity before and after


Action :

Discovery:  In the discovery stage we worked with the key stakeholders at Zeren to understand what the objectives of the project were, the timescales required, the resources and budgets available, and ultimately the outcome and results that would be delivered.


Concepting: In the concepting stage, we created two workstreams:


  • Briefing and scoping of the refreshed brand assets 
  • Scoping (Functional Spec) and Re-designing of the Zeren website


We tendered the brief to our network of partners. Matt&Dan were selected to create the brand refresh and Appcentric were appointed as the web development partners.

Zeren's website before and after